According to the Times Rich List, 40% of the wealthiest individuals created their wealth directly through property and real estate investment; many use investing in property not only as a way to preserve their wealth, but to earn an attractive return on their investment.

In fact, the 2014 Knight Frank Wealth report stated that the same percentage of all global ultra-high net worth investors, increased their property allocation in the last 12 months.

There are many reasons why investment in properties should be considered as a viable and secure income opportunity. These include;

To earn an income to supplement or replace your salary/ pension
To make your money work harder for you
To invest in your children’s future
To create a diverse investment portfolio
We are often told by our clients that they are frustrated by the poor or uncertain returns from more traditional investments such as bank or building society savings accounts.

The volatility of the world stock markets often means that clients do not feel in control of their investments and that they want higher investment returns, peace of mind and easy to understand investments in attractive locations.

At IQ Property Investments, we believe that investing in property should be simple, secure, rewarding and enjoyable. We offer a range of quality property investment opportunities in the UK and selected locations around the world. These may range from residential property in the UK, residential care homes, airport car parking, hotel room investments and specialised structured investments i.e. Property Bonds.

Our expert team of property advisors will guide you through the investment portfolio available to you as an aspiring property investor to ensure that you have the perfect opportunity to plan and improve your future financial prosperity.